Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I'm slowly moving all of my posts to my new blog... here. However life has been so crazy, I haven't had much time to move anything.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

To some of my fellow listeners...

To Savvymoo, I don't like shushing people, and I wasn't the one in that circumstance doing the shushing. It was the mother, but only because she couldn't be bothered to speak directly to her children. I don't feel that it should be my job to shush. I don't like continuing the very old fashioned idea of librarians. Librarians, in fact are very cool PEOPLE. :) They are not little old white ladies in sensible shoes who want to be able to hear a pin drop. On the other hand, I want all people who come into the library to respect others. This past week there was VERY LITTLE respect held by any of the people under 18 that came into the library. Wednesday and Thursday's antics continued on Friday, so by the end of the week I was very sad. So I had a Japanese beer. It was yummy.

To Adrienne, thank you. As an uber librarian (not me, you), I value your opinion beyond words.

To Patty, I was at Ogden on Thursday and Anne told me about the mother allowing her child to climb on the puppet theater (and laughing about it). To make matters worse, it sounded like they didn't even apologize for breaking it. I think there must be something in the water on that side of the city, or disrepect was just floating in the air. Sad really.

Even so, I LOVE being a librarian. The hugs that I sometimes get (when parents are in the room) from story time kids make everything better.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

A few last things...

(1) I had to kick teens out of the library for being way too rowdy. I hated doing this, because it made me feel like that cranky old librarian, shushing people and running anyone who couldn't be absolutely quiet out of this library. This is not the type of person that I am, but they were driving everyone crazy. It made me feel weird, but it had to be done.

(2) There were two small children who insisted on yelling at each other and jumping on the new bean bags we got about a week ago. The mother did NOTHING AT ALL about it, SHHUSHing ocassionally, but never leaving her spot at the computer. After asking them not to bounce on the bean bag chairs one last time (of about literally 10 times), I noticed that they had mananged to bounce some of the bag beads right out of the bean bags. I was so mad that I had to leave, and luckily it was time for me to go anyway.

(3) I have decided that because of this, I am going to ask Sally (the director) if we can put some "rules" up. I think I want them to go something like this...


(1)Each Other
No yelling, screaming or fighting in the library
(2) the Library
Throw away your garbage, don't jump or put your feet on the furniture
or in anyway purposely try to damage the furniture.
(3) Yourself
Don't act in a way that you know is inappropriate,
you are only disrespecting yourself by doing these things.
(4) Library Staff
Treat us as you would want to be treated, we are only here to help.
Thank you!

I'm going crazy!

And I'm going to Disney World (in Florida) with my husband, parents, two sisters and my son who will be NINE MONTHS AT THE TIME. Yee gads, I don't know what I've gotten myself into. At least I'll be able to ride the Dumbo ride with him. I have no idea how we are going to do this. Oh well at least you will get all the sordid details at a later (we are going in January) date.

Wish me luck!

Operating Instructions

I'm in the middle of reading Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott. I cannot speak more highly of this book. She thinks the way I think. She is a very liberal woman, who is also very religious. I try to be as religious as I can, but sometimes the skeptic in me comes out. As you can see from my religion test I took a while ago, I connect closely to religions that accept a lot of interpretation. Anyway, I wanted to talk about the book, not religion.

I love this book. While Anne seemed to have a harder time than I have been, I feel like I'm out of my mind. I also look at Jack and am utterly amazed. I cannot believe that this little guy is someone that I had inside me at one point. I made this little imp! I find that it is getting harder and harder to let go of him every morning. I love my job, but sometimes, I think that I might like to quit and stay at home to play with Jack.

Anne talks about writing, and I've started getting the writing bug. I really want to write a novel now. Specifically, a teen novel. Okay, get scared now. I want to write a teen novel about oral *gasp* sex. There's been a lot of talk among YA librarians about this book entitled Rainbow Party by Paul Ruditis, and what a load of crap it is. However, some librarians think that maybe their library should carry it, because its the only one on the subject. Well, thanks to Operating Instuctions, I plan on changing that. Of course that means that I need to find time to write the great American novel. Gawd, like that will ever happen.

Oh well. I love this book, and I will savor every single word.

I know I know...

People have emailed me, letting me know that they actually read my blog! This seems unbelievable, but I'm quite honored. Unfortunately, I have this issue... its called a very active seven month old. You may have heard of these things (people I think some people call them), but its all new to me. I get home from the library, and change a diaper, heat up some yummy *stinky* (cough-cough) peas, feed them to the imp (that is his nickname, since both Jeff and I think he practices looking impish) clean him up, feed ourselves, clean the diaper again, play with him, give him a bottle, change him into pajamas, and put him to bed. By this time I'm ready to pass out and its only 9:30 pm. I also try and fit in some Dance Dance Revolution, so I can be all fit and sexy, so when Jack gets older he has a MILF. Okay, I guess that last part is a little creepy, but I would like to be in shape so that I can keep up with him when he starts walking. So anyway, I hardly get any time at all to myself, but I guess that's okay because I love Jack to pieces and would do anything at all for him. I don' t want to be put in this kind of situation, but I understand when moms kill for their children. Not that I agree with killing or anything, I'm just saying that I understand.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Accident

By clicking on the title, you will be able to see the accident my first car was in. This is why I NEVER use my cell phone when I'm driving. I was turning into the parking lot of my apartment complex, and some idiot was too busy looking at his cell phone and drove right into me. I bought this car in August and the accident occured in October. I was in a state of shock for almost an hour afterwards. I'm so grateful that Jeff was there because he was able to calm me down. This has been the only accident I was ever in, so I think it was that much more shocking for me.

Please tell me about all the idiot drivers that drove their cars into you!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Here are a few of my favorite... movies!

I don't really want to try and decide which of these are my VERY favorite movies, so I'm just putting them as they come to my head. I know, I know, as a librarian I should at least put them in alphabetical order, but I don't wanna. Before you say anything about all the links, don't click on them. Especially you Jenny since you just made fun of my blog you mean sister poopy butt.

Kung Fu Hustle
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
LA Story
Being John Malkovich
Auntie Mame
O Brother Where Art Thou?
Dangerous Liaisons
Evil Dead 2
Little Women
Music Man
Run Lola Run
A Little Princess
Young Frankenstein
Kill Bill 2
Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Fog of War
Secret of Roan Inish
Whale Rider
City of Lost Children
Breaking the Waves
Pillow Book

Okay, so I put a link to all of these movies. So freaking what! As you can see from my above statement, my sister made fun of me and made me read a stupid website that made fun of blogs. I DON'T CARE! Plus I'm too tired to continue listing more movies anyway.

Adrienne, if you're out there I still promise to show you what happened to my car after some jerk on his cell phone drove into me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm going on a "diet"

I am so so so sick of all these "diet" books that make you take out all carbs or all sugar or eat nothing but protein. Blegh. After a long conversation with some of my co-workers, I decided that I am going to follow the food pyramid, which was changed this year. It's set up completely different, with all of the sections showing vertically instead of horizontally and exercise is included on the pyramid. I think that if you look on the website, the section for exercise is the biggest part of the pyramid, and this is the part that most people are missing, including me. You can diet as much as you want, and unless you balance it out with exercise, you aren't going to do yourself much good. If you cut out too many calories, your body will go into starvation mode and conserve all the calories you do take in. I think the FDA is basically trying to tell us that everything is about BALANCE!!! Therefor, I am going to follow the guidelines for the food pyramid and DDR every night for 30 minutes. Hopefully, I'll be healthy in no time. Really though, all I want is to be able to keep up with my kid(s). I don't want them to be embarrassed of me. Maybe someday I'll even be a MILF. If you don't know what that means, I'm not going to tell you because its not nice to say.

Anyway, beginning yesterday, according to - United States Department of Agriculture, I should follow this (plus around 30 - 60 minutes of exercise each day).

Your results are based on a 2000 calorie pattern*.


6 ounces


2.5 cups


2 cups


3 cups

Meat & Beans

5.5 ounces

1 Make Half Your Grains Whole

Aim for at least 3 whole grains a day

2 Vary Your Veggies

Aim for this much every week:
Dark Green Vegetables = 3 cups weekly
Orange Vegetables = 2 cups weekly
Dry Beans & Peas = 3 cups weekly
Starchy Vegetables = 3 cups weekly
Other Vegetables = 6 1/2 cups weekly

Oils & Discretionary Calories

Aim for 6 teaspoons of oils a day
Limit your extras (extra fats & sugars) to 265 Calories
I always appreciate encouragement, because while I think that this shouldn't be TOO had to follow, I still think I'm going to need to watch myself to make sure I don't go too crazy.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Avert your eyes children!

I occassionally read this librarian's blog and she had taken a test to see what tarot card she was (she got the death card). So I thought it would be aptly unappropriate to post what tarot card I was directly after posting what religion I'm closest to. I love the Internet! Maybe the tarot card test was so good it was able to tell that I just semi-recently had a baby, because I got a naked pregnant goddess card. So of course I had to post it!

The Empress Card
You are the Empress card. The Empress is the
archetype of the Mother. She creates and
nurtures life. She represents the abundance of
Mother Earth. The Empress is capable of using
nature in a productive way. She espouses art
for art's sake. Her planet is Venus, and she
embodies love of beauty and a strong value
system. Here is also found initial sensation.
This is the first really physical experience of
the world that The Fool has entered. The
Empress has a rich understanding of the world
based on her five senses. In a reading, The
Empress represents pregnancy, actual or
metaphorical. She indicates an act of creation
and a sensual experience of beauty. The Empress
is a nurturing force that wishes to see the
product of her experiences reach the next stage
of development. Image from A Photographic Tarot

Which Tarot Card Are You?
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